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S] is continuous and monotonically increasing; if [there exists] n [member of] N, [q*.
This can be ascertained by the column size in Table 1, which are monotonically increasing.
The following conclusions are drawn: (i) at all temperatures T, stress [sigma] decreases monotonically with [tau] (simple relaxation); (ii) this decay is rather modest in the low-temperature region T [less than or equal to] 35[degrees]C (at room temperature, [sigma] is reduced by 13% only), and becomes pronounced at T > 35[degrees]C (at T = 50[degrees]C, stress vanishes after 20 min of relaxation); (iii) given a relaxation time [tau], an increase in T results in a strong (by several times) decrease in stress.
Based on the principle of SOM, [sigma](t) is a monotonically decreasing function of t.
Column (1) shows that next-month raw returns are monotonically increasing across increasing spread volatility quintiles.
A function V(t, x) [greater than or equal to] 0 is said to be decrescent if there exists a function b(r) such that b(0) = 0, b(r) is strictly monotonically increasing in r, and V(t,x) [less than or equal to] b([parallel]x[parallel]), (t,x) [member of] D.
Although z(h, 0) is defined only for integral h, we will view Z(h) as a continuous, monotonically increasing, differentiable function on [0, n].
The local liquid film thickness on the land monotonically decreased with increasing [Ca.
The curve is calculated by "backwards integration" over G(p), which is monotonically increasing; hence, it is monotonically increasing and concave within [0,1].
Through simulation in the heat exchanger model, it is found that as OCR increases, the capacity monotonically decreases though the maldistribution effect is most significant at OCR=0.
We also examined whether relationships were monotonically increasing or decreasing across quinfiles.