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So for the bad news, if you can call it that: We remain circumspect about recovery, much like those responding to the monumentally unscientific but still interesting ArkansasBusiness.
It's not monumentally surprising for a lot of clubs like ourselves.
SO the Government has finally had to admit that the bidding for the West Coast Main Line rail franchise was so monumentally mismanaged by the DfT that it has had to be scrapped at a cost of at least PS40m to the taxpayer.
The National Commission had a short time to accomplish a monumentally important task.
HAUS DER KUNST February 17-May 20 * Curated by Thomas Weski Having earned early attention with his monumentally scaled late-'80s portraits, Thomas Ruff has since spent his career exploring the gamut of photography's genres and structures: from nasa satellite images and wartime night-goggle views in his "cassini" and "Nachte" series, respectively, to political propaganda and Internet pornography in his "Plakate" and "Nudes.
An international group of researchers, headed up since 2005 by David Wishart at the University of Alberta, is driven by a monumentally ambitious goal: To characterize and measure every last molecule that can be found in the human body.
CDATA[ Something monumentally large is happening in the USA, accelerated under Obama.
In a letter to Arne Duncan that accompanied his application, he wrote, "It's important to state one last time for the record what a monumentally terrible idea I believe the entire so-called stimulus act is.
With Ballydoyle having already swept the board in this week's pivotal Group Ones, only the monumentally blinkered can confidently rule out this colt.
OK, I was doing a tour in Qatar back in 2004 and was monumentally bored.
We couldn't get hold of Edwina Currie, but we are confident she would have lined up behind the FSA and the Daily Mail in condemnation, so monumentally stupid was the decision this week to ban an ad about food (the old 'Go to work on an egg' commercial featuring Tony Hancock, in case you've been away).
There he learns that a monumentally important salvage operation is in progress: the lost continent of Atlantis has been discovered.