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They're out there supporting me,'' he said, ``so I think it'd be silly to mope around the golf course.
But on the other side it's important that you don't feel sorry for yourself and that you don't mope around.
It's a big challenge for us now - we're two behind in an Ashes series with three to play, but we can't mope around too much.
Yet more slick Amerian hospital drama where privileged American totty mope around hospital wards complaining about their lives.
I'm not going to sit and mope around being a miserable so-and-so for the next six months.
I am one of the people who has to lift the players and get them ready for the next game, especially in the Championship where games come thick and fast where you don't have time to mope around.
As disappointed as we are, we can't mope around and sit around thinking too much.
now I have to watch this Celebrity bunch do nothing but mope around a jungle.
He said: "I'm glad I've not been at the club as I would have had time to mope around so I'm lucky that I've got the internationals to concentrate on.
preferring instead to mope around the Square wearing a furry hat.
Rachel Hunter will probably mope around on her own, and who'll be there to keep Robbie Williams warm?