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As a squad, we weren't happy at all with what we did against Wales but we can't have people moping around looking at their own individual performances.
A pal told me: "Rosetta wanted to send out a message LA is her town and she is not moping around while Sienna is off with her husband.
But, fortunately, moping around is the last thing we've been doing.
The trouble is that, while the FA doesn't want the new manager to travel to the World Cup because it would undermine Eriksson, nor would anyone want McClaren moping around the dressing room in his current guise as assistant boss if he has been overlooked for the top job.
I've been moping around and the team has been moping around.
Now people are not moping around feeling sorry for themselves.
Likewise, Fergie is too stubborn to yield to baying fans and is a sure-fire 2-7 to be moping around the Theatre of Dreams for another six months; 5-2 the contrary.
But do I want my kids to see me moping around depressed or frustrated?
There's no point moping around and you've got to hide your disappointment.
She is one of the few characters we really care about - we're certainly tired of cheating and lying Den, who's been moping around like a wet weekend since Chrissie left.
Chief executive and acting-chairman Trevor Birch this week indicated any player who did not want to play for the club would be moping around, disruptive and better served plying his trade elsewhere.
After all, they would only be left sitting moping around the team hotel when they could be doing light training back home.