moral compulsion

See: coercion
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One can be convicted of moral compulsion -- the crime of which the arrestees in the Dec.
Enlightened world constantly keeps on revising the charters related to media regulation whether under moral compulsion of self regulation or through statutory arrangements.
There is little historic evidence that US foreign policy in the Arab world has been guided by moral compulsion.
Speaking the truth was a moral compulsion for me -- it brought harm to my family, my business interests and my political relationships.
His refusal to pay the poll tax does not come from any moral compulsion to right the wrongs of the world, but from the ethical desire to avoid doing wrong himself.
Al-Farabi considers Aristotle's city an artificial limitation: the nation and, perhaps, the supranational empire exercise moral compulsion more universally and naturally, although religion is a limit to that universalizing tendency.
My father was a tiler so I felt a moral compulsion to defend the honour of the professionals.
Who but Gene would have joined the Johnson State Department at the moment when so many right-thinking people at Ivy League universities--people whose esteem Gene coveted--mocked the idea that there was a moral compulsion to live up to America's treaty commitments and showered contempt on those leaders who tried to keep communists from overrunning Southeast Asia?
These suspects) are the lowest form of life, these people have no moral compulsion,'' said John Bordenet, a program consultant at AARP headquarters in Washington, D.
moral compulsion to profess and promote religion, it is