moral consciousness

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Children are often recruited into the armies of tyrants because of their immaturity and lack of a moral consciousness.
one of the fundamental experiences that awaken moral consciousness and responsibility" is especially worrying.
While this tragic scenario unfolds time and time again, our national integrity as well as our moral consciousness and our religious beliefs are continuously being undermined.
This intriguing Kantian position on the genesis of moral consciousness, and its prospects for developmental progress, is no doubt at odds with many common readings of Kant today and likely explains why a leading Kant scholar has recently stated that 'it is too seldom appreciated that Kant .
Among his topics are capitalism and contradiction in Legitimate Crisis, rationalization and social pathology in The Theory of Communicative Action, moral consciousness and postconventionality, and socialization and ego autonomy.
My friend Laddie made a statement that I agree with, that Maureen represented the moral consciousness of the nephrology department.
The great philosophers of the Enlightenment would not hesitate to endorse the moral consciousness expressed in the postings that flooded cyberspace during the Tunisian revolution.
Dismissed by Oser as one of Pater's "Imaginary Portraits" Marius is better viewed as a novel of development whose protagonist, rather than abandoning his aesthetic sense, integrates it into a maturing moral consciousness.
The purpose of this paper is to consider some of the more perplexing and philosophically problematic aspects of Husserl's treatment of moral consciousness in his lectures and writings on ethics from the 1920's.
SIUT sources told APP on Saturday that the program accomplished this by putting the volunteers through a carefully designed course which intends to instil in them values of compassion and respect for others as well as awakening their moral consciousness.
Asked why Catholic social teachings have not played a greater role in shaping the moral consciousness of Catholics, he responded that Catholic university social science departments are largely staffed by researchers shaped by "the dominant economic models of their field's discipline.