moral excellence

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8) Suzuki harbored no assumption that Zen satori would enable moral excellence.
And there must be adequate systems for remuneration (wages and benefits) and recognition that remove the temptations which lead to corruption, provide incentives for propriety, and demonstrate the value society and the institution place on moral excellence.
He is a wonderful priest," for example, transmits an appreciation of a person's moral excellence - e.
The holy life is not primarily about moral excellence or spiritual athleticism or any sort of human achievement; it is about being drawn, by grace, into a dignity infinitely beyond our merits or expectations.
Possessing integrity affords no guarantee that one will act well because it is not the whole of moral excellence but one virtue among many.
The challenge with this approach is to have the practical wisdom to move beyond individual heroics and develop a support system that realistically upgrades and sustains standards of "affordable moral excellence.
This committee includes civilian and military representatives from various NAVSUP and Supply Corps organizations, and is designed to help ensure the strongest foundation of moral excellence across the Navy Supply Community.
However, Smith might still raise some confusion about this when he describes "the wise and virtuous men" in the TMS, or those who embody his ideal of moral excellence.
In addition to Antonaccio's contribution, this discussion includes, among others, fine articles by Robin Lovin on moral theories, Thomas Ogletree on moral formation, and Lee Yearly on moral excellence.
Ally emphasizes, "While we do not believe performance will suffer due to our strict moral screens, we would not compromise our commitment to moral excellence even if it did.
Society has a right to expect moral excellence in its physicians.
You make this happen not only because you are an expertly trained and highly skilled officer corps, but because of your reverence for tradition and moral excellence, combined with flexibility and willingness to change.