moral sense

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A leader who does not uphold a high moral sense or value will not have moral authority over his followers.
The setting out of certain specific measures is intended to demonstrate that is not difficult to enhance the taxpayers' moral sense of tax responsibility, which, in turn, will generate immediate positive results.
Yet, for the past century, we have been concentrating power in the federal government on the assumption that the new political elite has access to a new kind of knowledge superior to, and different from, that conveyed via the common sense and the moral sense, which has rendered this elite immune to the temptations of power.
First, Dotts (2015) fails to recognize that Jefferson is not describing in his letter to Law the moral sense but those people without a moral sense.
Seeing it decay just doesn't make any financial, social or moral sense.
Asking people to forget about the past and to 'move on' is neither acceptable in a moral sense nor workable in political terms.
Key topics addressed include the ways in which Chomsky distinguishes between his own "rationalist" scientific approach to the sciences of language and mind versus the "empiricist" approach (which neither McGilvray nor Chomsky believe deserves the appellation), the growth of biolinguistics and Chomsky's role in its development, the importance of biolinguistics for understanding Chomsky's attempts to construct a science of human nature, how these issues are incorporated into Chomsky's "Enlightenment project" of coming to understand humans as natural objects with language and an innate moral sense, and the ways in which this project is connected to his political interventions.
As the minister of the Second Church, Emerson incorporated more Neoplatonism into his sermons than his colleagues did, presenting God as the Unity of all things, and the moral sense as an emanation of this All.
The results suggest that the answer is no; utilitarians appear to endorse harming one to save many due to their reduced empathic concern and not due to a generally deficient moral sense.
No wonder Scotland want to be independent; Wales must follow, to restore some common and moral sense to our economy.
He was quite intelligent about economics or architecture; but his moral sense seemed to have entirely disappeared.
I don''t mean in the moral sense of good and evil, though that in itself could prove an interesting topic.