moral soundness

See: integrity
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It is a behavior rooted in moral soundness, high values, with cause and effect.
However, political impartiality and apparent moral soundness is evidently not the only criterion for popular support on an important issue like financial forecasting.
There is not much in the way of description of actual cases or historical background, though for her purposes, these omissions are understandable; but the recurring format sometimes limits opportunities for more wide-ranging reflection, for instance regarding the foundational issues raised in the first chapter--or indeed, regarding her assumptions about the moral soundness of widely accepted practices in liberal societies.
The Ethics and Business of Public Accounting (Fernwood Publishing) examines the accounting profession, providing a timely examination of the moral soundness of public accounting, just when the profession seems mired in the age of financial scandal.
While I certainly bow to Bala's knowledge of the Canadian legal system, I question the moral soundness of this statement.