moral tone

See: ethics
References in classic literature ?
Within the Church were many sincere and able men unselfishly devoting their lives to the service of their fellows; but the moral tone of the organization as a whole had suffered from its worldly prosperity and power.
But it seemed as though in this moment of change he had at last perceived what a power he had been; for he remarked to one of the prosecuting counsel who had assumed a lofty moral tone in questioning him, that--yes, he had gambled--he liked cards.
You have got what we want so much in political life nowadays - high character, high moral tone, high principles.
Well, it is what is called nowadays a high moral tone, father.
This exclamation afforded him a little solace, and a sort of reddish reflection which he caught sight of at that moment, at the extremity of a long and narrow lane, completed the elevation of his moral tone.
This presidency lacks purpose and it's causing great pain on the world because America is expected to set the moral tone with its ideals of liberty and democracy.
The Kashmiri leader said that the US, the sole superpower in the world, must bear the responsibility for setting the moral tone through disciplined and rightful leadership, but instead it sits back and does nothing.
I do resent his high moral tone on that when the rest of us are absolutely committed to a one nation government," she said.
It is true that a president of integrity can set a new moral tone for governance, but it would need the moral reform of a whole class called the elite to actualize transformation.
There is a moral tone for women that does not exist for men and that p*** me off
Even if Christie didn't order the bridge mischief, or if he was left out of the scheming loop, the governor is directly responsible for the men and women who serve on his staff, and he is responsible for setting the moral tone of his office.
Even the Speaker, there to set the entire moral tone, was found to be housing his nanny and her husband in the Palace of Westminster at public expense.