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Now, as the deployment winds down and I prepare my lessons learned, I am reminded of the morale issues we faced a few months back.
Asked if he was suggesting police morale was high he replied, "No.
Overall, across the three services, the numbers saying morale was high have fallen from 25% in 2010 to just 15% - a 10-point drop - while those saying that morale was low rose by 17 points from 33% to 50%.
The number of officers across the services reporting low morale soared 23%.
According to survey, more than half of all officers and 43 percent of other ranks, believe the armed forces is suffering from low morale following a year of pay freezes, cuts and redundancies.
In any long and bitter campaign, morale will suffer unless all ranks thoroughly believe that their commanders are concerned first and always with the welfare of troops who do the fighting.
Add this to the other changes in the company, such as our new vision and strategic platform and our well-defined leadership requirements, and we have a recipe for employee engagement and much higher morale.
Morale may be defined as "the emotional or mental condition of a person or group with respect to confidence, cheerfulness, discipline, ana willingness to perform assigned tasks.
Bernard Gallagher, himself a European Ryder Cup captain on three occasions, believes that team morale could be affected by the choice.
of Technology, Australia) applies a variety of methodological instruments to the investigation and analysis of tax morale and tax compliance, including surveys, econometric estimation, and controlled field experiments.
More than half of doctors suffer from "poor" or "terrible" morale at work - and many blame the Government's NHS reforms, according to a poll out today.
A survey of over 1,400 doctors found that two-thirds would not recommend a career in medicine while the same number said morale had fallen in the last year.