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This is precisely why Wong can speak of a plurality of true moralities.
Wong's analysis of moral ambivalence and moralities in the plural arise related concerns.
A second approach would be to order the conflicting moralities hierarchically.
It is difficult to square such true statements with Wilson's basic thesis that "people have a natural moral sense" [2], unless "moral" is given a positivist meaning that encompasses the wide variety of divergent positive moralities.
The right suffers the debilitating illusion that small-town moralities are the way to contend with the challenges of the contemporary world.
The difference between the treatment of such gesture in the moralities and in Jonson's plays, Haynes argues, is that the latter, by substituting secular for divine causation, and linking social ills horizontally, avoids the ideological impasse of the morality, which closes off rather than opening up a clarifying rearticulation of social conflicts.