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Bewaji (2004) expounds the indubitable existence of African morality via Yoruba understanding; arguing that like other continental moralities, African morality is driven by the motive for good life; the ends of proscribing and prescribing norms of conduct, attitude of interpersonal relationship in the society.
This is why it is, strictly speaking, absurd to talk about moralities in the plural except to mean 'interpreta-tions of morality'.
Making a convincing moral case against the minimum-wage legislation requires that we consider two moralities, the first of which explains the political popularity of the legislation and the second of which explains why it harms low-wage workers, in particular those most in need of help.
Unfortunately, the intention-based morality creates strong support for anti-price-gouging laws that render both moralities less effective at motivating help for disaster victims.
Gilligan postulated that we can talk about two different moralities, highly genderized: a morality of justice, specific for men, and a morality of care, specific for women (9).
Indeed, he denies that there is a single true morality, yet affirms that not all moralities are adequate, since there are objective limits on what may be deemed a true morality.
1) Following Professor Fuller's framework, this Essay distinguishes between two very different moralities of law: the "morality of duty" and the "morality of aspiration.
In his own words, in Moral Relativity he mainly argued against universalism, while acknowledging space for moral objectivity, and in Natural Moralities he mainly argues that not all moralities are adequate or true.