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To conclude, the ngar does not contain any mordant and therefore cannot be referred to as "mordanting.
Mordant waking the first morning in the Melbourne Coffee Palace.
Fluka)) were mixed as a concentrated solution with the addition of mordant (3% and 5%) to give a final stain concentration of 30 g [L.
Because the Mayan and Aztec dyeing methods had not been preserved, European dyers did not initially understand that dyeing with logwood extract required treatment with a metal salt, called a mordant.
It really deserved Richard Clarke's mordant comment that "I didn't think the FBI would know whether or not there was anything going on in the United States by al Qaeda.
In a Vacuum revealed mordant humor as she portrayed a worker becoming her machine.
Each mordant barb is backed up by ruthless observation and analysis 4 stars
Many works, such as Rural Peasant, Yanan, Shaanxi Province, 2000, display a mordant humor stripped of irony, as its conspicuous subject steadily meets our gaze with a full, toothy grin; others, like Two Homeless Boys, Beijing, 1998, smack gratingly of rhetoric while still conveying an unembarrassed sympathy.
Traditionally, textile manufacturers have used a substance known as a mordant to bind dye compounds to fibers.