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Australia Council CEO Tony Grybowski congratulated Jenny Watson, whose conceptual painting practice spans more than four decades, and thanked the Mordant family for their continued support.
Dye formulation of pre- treatment and post-treatment included 20 g/L of a specific mordant or 30 g/L of UV absorbers, Dicrylan and Fixative finishes or 50 g/L of crosslinkers.
Lastly, and most importantly, neither M Mordant nor anyone else ever need remind me of the great sacrifices made by my countrymen and women in two world wars.
Contempt" meets "Lassie," sort of, in Jean-Luc Godard's "Goodbye to Language," a characteristically vigorous, playful, mordant commentary from French cinema's oldest living enfant terrible on everything from the state of movies to the state of the world.
Among the topics are the structure of wool, the role of auxiliaries in dyeing wool and other keratin fibers, wool-dyeing machinery, dyeing wool with acid and mordant dyes, dying wool blends, and the coloration of human hair.
They are astringent and serve both as mordant and dye, like the gall nuts used in Europe.
Joanna Patton (clarinet) was excellent, by turns plangent and mordant, well supported by Malcolm Wilson (piano) and Alexandra Wood (violin).
They created unforgettable characters, music and stories in which wit and criticism are never mordant.
Iban weavers apply the mordant during the actual dye process with Morinda citrifolia.
La composition du mordant s'enumera dans le tableau ci-dessous et pour l'elaborer s'introduisent les composants dans une marmite de ceramique, non de metal puisque le mordant l'altere, le denature-, et se faisait bouillir au feu.
Forty-one years later, I'm still a Newman junkie," says Fusco, "catching him live at Berkley Performance Center a few years ago, assuring the next generation that the man behind the music of `Toy Story' has a somewhat darker, mordant side.