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Dyeing is such a beautiful way to see nature and chemistry in action--the difference the nature of fibers makes; the difference a bit of metal mordant makes; the way some dyes strike enthusiastically but others need overnight soaking.
The 2% mordant was liquefied to make a liquor ratio of 1: 40 and afterwards soaked sample cloth was added into the mordant solution and then heated at 80degC for 30 minutes (Saravanan et al.
Keywords: ecofriendly, natural dye, leather, mordants, plant bark
These findings support the earlier work of [16] who reported a range of colours produced by various mordants with natural dyes.
Although natural-dyeing books from the '60s, '70s and '80s are plentiful, experts warn that books from that period often recommend using toxic substances like chrome, copper or even lead as mordants.
Patrick Soubayrol, Ejfet des mordants sur la degradation des colorants de teinture, D.
Ce n'est jusqu'a la fin du XX eme quand apparait le souci pour la toxicite en ce qui concerne la sante humaine et pour l'environnement, des materiaux utilisees en gravure et quand se proposent des formules de mordants alternatifs aux acides (18).
Wool fabric treated with preliminary scouring was mordanted with different mordants separately prior to dyeing under the conditions specified in the TABLE-1.
It has also been found that iron and alum mordants contribute to the color stability of wool yarn stained by laurel extract (Olmez 2004).
9) The most commonly used mordants used in histotechnology are aluminum and ferric iron.
Different colors can be obtained with the same dye by using different mordants.