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By any standards, this is a disgusting situation to arrive at and it is all so that a megalomaniac dream of a united Europe with its own currency can stagger moronically on.
Along with these facts, another clarifies: what's happening to me is moronically, wonderfully simple--I am permitting myself to let down, finally succumbing to the awful cargo I've been hauling.
It's so paranoid to say that an under-10 readership is moronically dull and stupid, because they are the people that you've got to influence.
Ferguson could have scored a hat-trick in the Amsterdam ArenA and he'd still deserve to be booted out of the squad for behaving as moronically as this.
I have seen a Boston judge - quite moronically if you reflect on the matter - express her view that it was absurd to believe that a woman that was illegally in the country would lie about domestic violence in order to obtain a VAWA visa.
As much as I'd like to do a movie with Spielberg, the script is as moronically (awful) as so many other flicks of this ilk," Kinski wrote in his autobiography.
Winkles, Mister Winkles," said dad, grinning too moronically for Jess.
I'm not sure what's worse - those who'd love to see Ronaldo banished from these shores, or those desperate for him to stay just so they can moronically vent their spleens at him.
The scenes involving Eric and Alex, the two boys who carry out the slaughter, seem at first sight to offer in a few eloquent images the sort of characterisation and motive that would normally take half a narrative film to develop: their routine dysfunctionality, with Eric moronically rapt in a shooting videogame played to Alex's classical piano piece that might recall quiet musical lunatics from countless other films; their harried, harrying yet disinterested parents in a breakfast scene; their fascination with Nazism nurtured through a History Channel-type documentary; their stunted sexuality, and possible homosexuality, expressed in an awkward, unwitting chaste kiss; their easy access to weapons in the age of Amazon and FedEx--Click, sign and shoot.