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On a chair, staring morosely across stage, is a defeated looking woman (the maid, Berta) and visible to us is the rear view of Hedda, sprawled in front of a piano from which she elicits an occasional mournful, plinky plonk tune.
The Eastern District chief said morosely that he had a low percentage of crime solution.
No one however, wants to spend their Diwali morosely scrubbing their floor, least of all your friendly neighborhood bai.
And the only thing I can be sure of for them is that they have a long and difficult road ahead," she described morosely.
Laughter does have the power to override other emotions momentarily 6 we cannot sob morosely or simmer with anger while simultaneously laughing.
We had grown used to seeing him morosely gazing from a dug out over the shoulders of the other Swansea subs, unused and unloved, or shuffling along the touchline in a redundant warm-up.
Ranging from a savage deconstruction of slow-paced Midwestern life, to a morosely introspective reflection on not sweating small stuff (as delivered by a roadkill deer), Ohio is for Sale laces its grim insights with unforgettable, ironic humor.
Cut And Paste starts with the excellent Sometimes, three-and-a-half minutes of perfect guitar pop, with that Morrissey style vocal morosely reeling you in.
Protracted scenes of Jolie Pitt lounging morosely on her balcony pass without incident, casting us as the increasingly impatient voyeurs of a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
One could be seen laying morosely next to a makeshift memorial of balloons, flowers and stuffed animals on the steps of the family's mobile home.
Finishing off the show with their morosely upbeat sounding "A Heartbreak," the musicians bowed and left the stage, while the crowd chanted for an encore.