mortal body

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Well might Catherine deem that heaven would be a land of exile to her, unless with her mortal body she cast away her moral character also.
In the mid-season finale episode titled "The Map of Moments," the viewers saw Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) got transferred into a vulnerable and mortal body that is trapped in an old mansion that became a place for witches believed to be insane.
By linking an ideal of the physical body to a primitive timepiece steadily spilling its sand in a show of impermanence, the hourglass metaphor invokes the origin of universal human tragedy: the dependency of the ideal aspirations of the mind on the ephemerality of a mortal body.
The final step in the process of reduction is Unicorn's complete alteration: Schmendrick commits one of the most horrible deeds in the entire book--he traps an immortal soul in a mortal body.
According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that when humans die, their mortal body turns to dust.
And just as He raised Christ from the dead, He will give life to your mortal body by this same Spirit living within you" (Romans 8:11).
On other occasions, he takes a more limited, mortal body to live on earth as an animal or man.
peculiarly by positing one only mortal body part, the myth of
She is happy and doesn't want you to worry about her suffering, that was just her mortal body and she is free from all that now
If only man lives "in time," and once we have departed our mortal body there is "no time," how is it that you can justify purgatory as a place?
In other words, she is not Venus, but a mortal body in which a certain natural property of living things--the ability to arouse desire, to generate and to nurture, a property to which poets and superstitious people had given the name "Venus"--has manifested itself.
The second section, "Dialectically Marked Spirits in the Shadowed Spheres," shows how Dante extends his incarnational use of "ombra" in the Purgatorio--the word pointing to both the shadow cast by the wayfarer's mortal body and the ontological status of the blessed shades in the afterlife--to the conical umbra, the astronomical intersection of the human and divine realms.