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Defence and security company Saab will launch its new 120mm mortar ammunition, THOR, at the DSEI 2017 exhibition in London, United Kingdom.
Precision-guided mortars also reduce the logistical burden for troops, because Soldiers don't need to lug as many rounds to the fight.
Romans used lime-based mortars extensively throughout the Empire.
This study explores compressive strength of surki and kankar lime mortars through experimental study.
1 miles) for light mortars or up to ten kilometres (6.
TROOPS can no longer fire mortars at full range in training as the noise breaks health and safety rules.
To date, the development of such mortars have focused on 120mm systems, which were tied to larger programs.
It provides us with a solid production platform to further expand the mortars business in the Western U.
A woman was also killed in a terrorist attack with mortars on Kurmos town in Misyaf, Hama countryside.
Magnetic particle inspection of mortars has already started.
These were assigned the NATO stock number given to all such shells compatible with the 81mm mortars.
KANDAHAR, July 23, 2011 (Frontier Star): Taliban claimed firing nine mortars at the Kandahar Airport early Friday (July 22).