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Meanwhile, Tracy offers to throw her nephew Johnny a birthday party, but is mortified when the clown she's booked turns out to be a stripper.
I keep getting flashbacks, and can't decide if I'm mortified or actually quite proud.
A SELF-EMPLOYED roofer was mortified that he had been caught drink-driving, a court heard.
He has blamed his poor handwriting rather than misspelling but was said to be mortified by Jacqui Janes' distress and immediately rang to say sorry.
Now people are talking about that when they should be talking about the show, the great show that it is, and as I say I'm mortified about it completely and Laila has been quite remarkably wonderful," he added.
I was angry and mortified that I had done it, that we had done it," she said.
Welch, who is married to actor Tim Healy, said: "I'm just so mortified and my son's so embarrassed and my husband's not speaking to me.
An old love letter inspired Mortified (getmorti-fied.
Jo launches a tirade of abuse at her - but is mortified to find she has insulted her man's mother.
At the request of the groom -- who happens to be Michael's mortified younger brother -- the community minister bars the quartet from the next scheduled nuptials unless they all come with serious dates who, presumably, will keep them in line.
In retrospect I knew that I was gay from the first moment I had any sexual identity; however, at 121 couldn't have identified it and would have been mortified if someone had tried to get me to define it.