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But there is a natural difference between a female and a slave: for nature is not like the artists who make the Delphic swords for the use of the poor, but for every particular purpose she has her separate instruments, and thus her ends are most complete, for whatsoever is employed on one subject only, brings that one to much greater perfection than when employed on many; and yet among the barbarians, a female and a slave are upon a level in the community, the reason for which is, that amongst them there are none qualified by nature to govern, therefore their society can be nothing but between slaves of different sexes.
He felt at ease in the midst of the most complete privations; in fine, he was the very type of the thoroughly accomplished explorer whose stomach expands or contracts at will; whose limbs grow longer or shorter according to the resting-place that each stage of a journey may bring; who can fall asleep at any hour of the day or awake at any hour of the night.
iTKO offers the most complete software suite for testing Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), allowing multiple business technology layers to be exercised within a single test case.
16e basestation and mobile stations, to make picoChip's WiMAX portfolio the most complete available.
provides the Cyphermint Pay Cash System, the most complete Internet payment system for B2B and B2C e-commerce.
com, the most complete source of intellectual property (IP) information, services, and IP e-commerce available on the Internet, announced the addition of 22+ million new common law and domain name records to its trademark.

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