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Stylistically, these motets show an eclectic mix of all the trends current in the early 1600s.
The first part consists a group of motets dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The king had many of the grand motets printed by the royal publisher Ballard to disseminate the music to the regions outside Paris and internationally.
Will The Forty Part Motet look or sound different in a building that is some 900 years younger than the Castle Keep?
The vernacular motet already had a long and illustrious tradition by the time of Machaut.
Vocal styles will run the gamut as the 12-member Motet Singers, an a cappella women's group, sing its 19th annual spring concert.
1480-1520 witnessed an explosion in quantity and stylistic variety in motet production.
Considering three different versions of this motet found in five Spanish and Portuguese sources, Kreitner claims the longest version as the probable original, provides a new edition of this piece, and suggests the shorter versions may have been deliberately truncated because of the piece's unusual length.
Holst's Old English Carols and Bach's motet Singet dem Herrn are included in the Durham Singers' concert next Friday, December 17, at 7.
Under 18 winner Owain Park, produced a highly approachable motet called Sweet Day, while Alexander Campkin was winner of the 18-25 category and he chose to set the Christmas motet O Magnum Mysterium.
In particular, I thank you for having wished to conduct the concert personally, and for the motet 'Oremus pro Pontifice' that you composed immediately after my election to the See of Peter.