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232) Consequently, objective indications of sexual coercion may include complete passivity, silence, motionlessness, shock, and any other factors that suggest that the victim did not want to have sex with her superior.
In contrast to Volk Miller's "Feeding People," "Eating is an Act of Optimism" and the other poems in this sequence were written from the vantage point of Bachelard's mollusk, which "by staying in the motionlessness of its shell .
Tableaux, whilst not necessarily direct remediations, are often articulated as stage directions in terms of feeling: 'Tableau of consternation', 'tableau of astonishment;' they too force the spectator to address the emotional moment--enhanced by its motionlessness and silence.
For this trio project he favors near motionlessness, incremental accumulation, and slowly revolving, Calder-like sonic mobiles: improvised architecture reshaping the space around your head.
motionlessness, static flaring of operculum, nonresponsiveness to touch stimuli, rigor mortis).
The Blue Men, mimicking expert motionlessness, use their live stage as a playground for music and art - but seemingly forgoing all rules.
The piano texture is thin and linear with sparing use of chords to which the vocal line adds the third voice, as the floating melody reflects both word rhythm and the motionlessness of the scene.
10) Xenophanes' remarks on the completeness (B24) and motionlessness (B26) of the god is echoed in Parmenides B8.
Boundedness and motionlessness of monolithic surroundings through a relationship basis enabled the computer's larger executive power and indirectly the one of the user as well.
Greek narke, numbness) and his motionlessness make the image at which he marvels even more like a statue.
His historicist concept of nonwestern societies is both perceived and interpreted from the supposedly instantaneous motionlessness of his present, and is infused with a compelling teleology of modernity.
Other institutions in the different parts of the Arab world tried to rebel against this deadly motionlessness with the intention of providing an effective pattern in the daily life, however, the Arab world that welcomes hundreds of western and occidental organizations left no space for the native institutions.