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Keywords: Intentions, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, motivators, business graduates
Probably yes, even including greed, the king of commercial motivators but one that might not be in the forefront of a creative contemplation.
For instance, Boyer and Cockriel (1998) randomly surveyed 370 faculty members (67% response rate) within Colleges of Education (COE) at American Association of Universities (AAU) Research I institutions and found that consideration in tenure and promotion, building professional research reputations, and a strong commitment from the college president were significant motivators in writing grants.
As hard as it is to get rid of de-motivating extrinsic remuneration, it is even harder to develop a culture of intrinsic motivators if you don't already have one.
MOTIVATOR provided the Royal Ascot Racing Club with a never-to-be-forgotten day at Epsom, and five years on the syndicate is dreaming of Classic glory again with Pollenator, from the 2005 Derby winner's first crop.
The first motivator relates to building the self-esteem of staff members--offering encouragement and recognition when appropriate, and as Brown puts it--"catching people doing good".
A group of Physical Activity Motivators (PAMs) has started a five-week training course in the area.
The dive motivators pull no punches in preparing the candidates for what lies ahead of them in the training pipeline.
Participants spent approximately 15-25 minutes filling out questionnaires measuring typical exercise patterns and perceived barriers and motivators to exercise.
The many teachers who gathered in Salt Lake City for this luncheon discussion session came up with a lengthy list of proven external motivators.
Doing the right thing has to again become the pre-eminent motivator, replacing self-aggrandizement and personal gamesmanship.