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This study aims to test the cross-cultural suitability of Modified Drinking Motives Questionnaire-Revised (M DMQ-R) (Grant, Stewart, O'Connor, Blackwell, & Conrod, 2007).
Motive Retouching offers professional headshot retouching, actor and model photo retouch and picture touch up services entirely online (www.
In selfish people, the empathy but not the reciprocity motive increased the number of altruistic decisions.
Videotron is deploying the Motive Device Management and Motive Service Management and Orchestration to remotely and proactively detect and resolve issues for Internet customers throughout Quebec.
Keywords: alcohol, student athletes, drinking motives
Commenting on the transaction, Motive Television plc CEO Leonard M Fertig said that gaining full control over the Spanish subsidiary is anticipated to add considerable value to his company.
A series of two-tailed Pearson Product-Moment correlations revealed that course effort was significantly and positively correlated with the relational motive (r = .
Keywords: alcohol-related consequences, athletes, drinking motives
After the passage of the PSLRA, there were three viewpoints: the Second and Third Circuits allowed allegations of motive and opportunity to deceive, manipulate, or defraud alone to satisfy the pleading requirement; (13) the Ninth Circuit did not consider allegations of motive and opportunity sufficient; (14) and the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Tenth, and Eleventh Circuits employed what is known as the "intermediate approach," allowing allegations of motive and opportunity to help show scienter, but not considering them sufficient in every case.
The MSSC is a Likert-type scale that measures 9 different motives (achievement, aesthetics, drama, escape, family, knowledge, physical attractiveness, physical skill, social) and each motive is measured by three items (Trail & James, 2001).
Based on a functional approach to human behavior, Rioux and Penner (2001) developed the Citizenship Motive Scale (CMS) that assesses individual motive to perform specific types of OCB, including ICB.
This model thus implies a saving motive for retirement.