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The agreement with Motive Power may allow P&W to hire new workers, according to secretary and general counsel Marie A.
Contact Chloride Motive Power on tel 01204 661460 or visit www.
Its fuel is liquid hydrogen; its motive power is electricity and its exhaust is water vapour.
The remaining cleaner-burning locomotives will be manufactured by Motive Power Industries and will feature 2,000-horsepower Caterpillar engines.
The interest, IMHO, reflects a still largely unspoken discontent with motive power in terms of "social responsibility.
The 2005 FCX vehicle developed by Honda converts compressed gaseous hydrogen into electricity for motive power, with water as its only emission.
We consider our IMA to be a full hybrid system, one that uses its electric motor for motive power, versus a mild system that uses its electric component for non-motive features, such as idle stop or accessory power.
Over the past decade, Ireland's dynamic economy has not only served to reverse the nation's historic diaspora, but has also been the motive power behind an ambitious programme of public building energetically pursued by the current generation of Irish architects.
The vehicles could use the hydrogen power plant for motive power (and electrical generation), with hydraulics and mechanical linkages to eliminate any EM vehicle signature and EMP susceptibilities.
New high-speed trains are relying on a high-tech double-spiral cable system from elocab to distribute high-voltage motive power.
Unlike more conventional pumps, this jet pump has no moving parts, relying on any fluid supply for motive power.
New England steam and diesel motive power is represented on eight layouts of U.