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The teenager launched his apparently motiveless attack after absconding from his care home in Haslingden, Lancashire.
A MAN was stabbed and slashed in an apparently motiveless attack in Coventry.
A TEENAGER who brutally stabbed a stranger repeatedly in a motiveless attack was yesterday caged for more than five years.
Mr Mooney, 35, was blasted at close range with a shotgun in an apparently motiveless attack.
William Young ( who later claimed he had been targeted himself by serial murderer Stephen Grieveson ( used a baseball bat to club victim Steven Brown at least 10 times in a motiveless attack.
Forensic tests are being carried out to try to identify footprints left next to Mr Dodd's car after he was murdered in an apparently motiveless frenzied knife attack in a car park on Ffrith beach on Tuesday.
Peter Bowen, already the victim of a vicious and motiveless attack, has no doubt suffered untold pain lying with his limbs locked in his hospital bed because numbercrunchers could not see past the figures.
The titular Man Who Wasn't There, the barber Ed Crane, incarnated for nearly every second of screen time by Billy Bob Thornton, is as absolute an Underground Man as you could hope for, the very embodiment of Jim Thompson's Nothing Man, a systematically unrelieved study in blank-faced motiveless isolation.
The apparently motiveless killing generated national and international shock, especially in the victim's home country.
His fellow pupil at pounds 14,000-a-term Pangbourne boarding school in Reading, Berks, repeatedly lunged at him with a large knife in an apparently motiveless attack.
Detective Sergeant Paul Mason of Bridgend CID said: "This was an unprovoked and apparently motiveless attack on a young man following a night out in Bridgend town centre.
Police, who say the attack was motiveless and indiscriminate, added that his attacker was then driven away by a man waiting in a VW Golf at about 6.