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When I heard how he said it, and saw how he held her hand, I guessed what the one motive of his life was.
You pretend, Monsieur, that you know the motive for the crime, and that that motive--in the face of all the evidence that has been forthcoming--was robbery?
I do not say that robbery was the motive for the crime, and I don't believe it was.
The robber had another motive for returning to hide under the bed," continued the astonishing boy-journalist.
You have, no doubt, a personal motive for proceeding, into which it is not my business to inquire.
There shall be no money motive," I said, "no idea of personal advantage in the service I mean to render to Lady Glyde.
Whatever the Count may have done, Sir Percival has consented to the conspiracy against Laura from another motive besides the motive of gain.
Granting the avowed motive for her journey -- did not her manner, on the morning when the letter was opened, and again on the morning of departure, suggest the existence of some other motive which her letter kept concealed?
And if pride was not forbidden," said Thwackum, "I might boast of having taught him that duty which he himself assigned as his motive.
Van Brandt's refusal to marry me, and there was an intelligible motive assigned for my proposing to leave London.
This study aims to test the cross-cultural suitability of Modified Drinking Motives Questionnaire-Revised (M DMQ-R) (Grant, Stewart, O'Connor, Blackwell, & Conrod, 2007).
TEHRAN (FNA)- Often, it is hard to understand why people behave the way they do, because their true motives remain hidden.