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The world electric motors market is estimated to garner $129 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 5.
When ordering a new shredder, the shredder itself can take 40 or more weeks to deliver, so a long lead time on the AC motor doesn't delay the project.
Robert Shirley owned Motor Home Rentals, a business that rented and sold motor homes.
The hydraulic motor is then connected directly on to the roll shaft and therefore no gearbox is required.
The sophisticated single-phase (open loop) motor control kernel provides quick and easy development by utilizing standard application programming interfaces (APIs) and uses on-chip pulse-width modulation (PWM) to provide speed control for single-phase induction motors.
Back-EMF sensing measures the voltage across the unused winding in a typical brush-less DC motor with a three-phase, Y-stator configuration (Figure 1).
Later, when Skogebo returned to the dealership to retrieve the paperwork on her Colt to take to the Division of Motor Vehicles, she says the dealer shredded all the papers in front of her.
In fact, even though the first motor protein was discovered in 1864, scientists have only recently begun to understand just how these molecules work.
General Committee: Chairman--Mitch Puklicz, Ford Motor Co of Canada; Bill Edison, George Fischer Foundry Systems; Bruce McClelland, McClelland & Co; Dr.