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In a second experiment the inter-electrodes distance of the electrical stimulation was reduced from 6cm to 1cm (both electrodes to the muscle belly) with the cathode specifically positioned over the motor point.
Some believe that when we are putting the electrodes the biggest signal can be registered as the motor point.
Motor point said the findings appear to be reflected in the latest available sales figures for new 4x4s, which are down 16.
The five patients in the experimental treatment group received 50 U of botulinum toxin type A at the plantar fascia insertion, 50 U at the motor point of the soleus muscle, and 25 U at both the medial and lateral gastrocnemius motor points.
An increasing number of people are also turning to buying a car online, demonstrated by the fact that more than 25% of Motor point customers used the retailer's website to make their purchase in 2007," said the spokesman.