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Dartnall TJ, Nordstrom MA, Semmler JG (2008) Motor unit synchronization is increased in biceps brachii after exercise-induced damage to elbow flexor muscles.
The resilience of the size principle in the organization of motor unit properties in normal and reinnervated adult skeletal muscles.
The SEMG frequency or power spectrum density (SEMG-PSD) is typically measured as either the median (SEMG-MNF) or mean frequency (SEMG-MN), and is associated with the conduction velocity of the respective motor units (Kupa et al.
And this is probably because of increase in recruitment of motor units and their coordination [10, 14].
In patients with Guillain-Barre-like syndrome, voluntary motor unit potentials were preserved in tested myotomes.
A repeat laryngeal EMG identified fibrillation potentials at rest and no motor unit activation on attempted phonation.
The lift consists of an upholstered swivel seat with two foldable armrests mounted to a motor unit.
in addition, tempo running mimics the pattern of muscle motor unit recruitment during actual competition.
Travel trailers do not have their own motor but are designed to be towed by a motor unit, such as an automobile or a light truck.
Tenders are invited for Inverter For Turbo Lube Oil Pump Motor Unit Input 74 Vdc, Output 33 Vac Suitable For Tlpm Model Fp-Gm-74 Make: Signotron Or Equivalent.
Needle EMG examination revealed a small amount of denervation potentials in APB and ADM also motor unit rarefaction, increase of polyphasic motor unit potantials (MUP) and chronic neurogenic changes in APB, ADM and EIP muscles, whereas needle EMG findings of the biceps and triceps were normal (Table 2).
Determining patterns of motor unit recruitment during locomotion.

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