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Sidel is the world record holder for the largest installed base of blow moulders, accounting for more than one out of every two bottles blown.
Moulder told the yacht's seller that he would take care of all sales taxes through his corporation.
The Multitex4 moulder also maximises the benefits of the Pressure Vacuum option available with APV Baker 'Tweedy' dough mixers, by retaining the high cell count this process creates in the dough.
One telltale way to find out if a moulder is producing an optimum finish is to look at a freshly machined piece and examine not only the quality and feel of the surface, but also check the knife marks left by the moulder.
Moulder has served as president and chief operating officer of MGI since May 2002.
The best way of achieving this was putting 17 lines of biscuits on the conveyor, rather than 16, but this requires very accurate control of the moulder and extraction web speeds.
All over the country, many moulder operators are spending more time understanding what it takes to make tooling and more toolroom operators are spending more time understanding how moulders function.
On behalf of all MGI associates, we are grateful for Chuck's dynamic leadership these past six-and a-half years and are pleased that he will continue as our chairman," noted Lonnie Moulder.
For starters, when it comes to expertise in the moulder business, no other company can hold a candle.
There are a wide variety of configurations and option features available to moulder customers, including computerized control-moulders, the availability of stack tooling and computerized template manufacturing.
Wadkin USA has introduced the CNC Omniset, which it says is the only fully automatic moulder setting system.
The longer a moulder -- or any machine for that matter -- is down, the more money and time that is lost.