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The computer and its software take electronic data from the art department and send it directly to the mounter/ proofer computer to mount the plate with only two clicks from the mounter operator.
And the pair say they inherited their love for beauty queen contests from their grandmother, Pam Mounter.
DAZZLING: Jamie-Lee is crowned, impressing judges with her beauty - and brains Welsh girls Chloe-Beth and Alize Mounter take titles
ALIZE Mounter has all the looks, poise and elegance to be Miss England - but unfortunately she's Welsh.
Last night she missed out on the top prize, after Alize Lily Mounter, 22, from London was announced as the overall winner at the ceremony at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.
This novel tells the tale of Shirley Mounter and the people whose lives are interwoven into hers.
MC-1 multifunctional mounter (19,100 cph and 126 feeder positions) and MC-8 fine-pitch mounter (8,900 cph and 119 feeder positions) both have 30[micro] m accuracy.
To book a No7 make-over with Kirstie Mounter at Buchanan Galleries, lasgow, please call 0141 333 9306 or to book a makeover with Claire McSkimming at Braehead Shopping Centre, Glasgow, please call 0141 885 9099.
Mounter, a corporate communications consultant, relies on case studies to show business managers, executives and public relations personnel how to implement effective and efficient communications strategies throughout different levels of an organization.
Among the winners were students from Flintshire, including Daniel Mounter, of Garden City, and Emma Cannon, of Higher Kinnerton.
The excavator comes equipped with a standard hydraulic attachment kit that includes the piping, plumbing and actuator, enabling attachments to easily mounter for versatile operation.
The company will retain its current product line, which includes Harley Opti-Chek mounter proofers, gravure presses, embossers, coating machines, laminators, associated web handling equipment and custom machines.