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So it all come back to me just the way it was that day; and it made me mournful to think how pleasant it was up to then, and how miserable ever since.
There was something mournful, solemn, and terrible in the count's manner.
cried a voice, whose mournful accents, reaching the four friends, seemed to proceed from some phantom of the ocean.
But now he heard, outside, the sounds of many voices, and long mournful howls, and mighty wailing.
A peach - a blushing, rich-flavored fruit, nestling in the trellis work on the garden- wall, hidden beneath its long, green leaves, - this little vegetable production, that a dormouse would nibble up without a thought, was sufficient to recall to the memory of this great monarch the mournful shade of the last surintendant of France.
The desire that grew upon Harris and myself, as the mournful strains progressed, was to fall upon each other's necks and weep; but by great effort we kept back the rising tears, and listened to the wild yearnful melody in silence.
Each visitor performed the ceremony of greeting this old aunt whom not one of them knew, not one of them wanted to know, and not one of them cared about; Anna Pavlovna observed these greetings with mournful and solemn interest and silent approval.
Will felt inexpressibly mournful, and said nothing.
But to make an end of this comparison, I mention that Porthos is ever wishful to express gratitude for my kindness to him, so that looking up from my book I see his mournful eyes fixed upon me with a passionate attachment, and then I know that the well-nigh unbearable sadness which comes into the face of dogs is because they cannot say Thank you to their masters.
So let us end this mournful talk and try to discover a means to escape.
It was the long wolf-howl, full-throated and mournful, the first howl he had ever uttered.
He made them sing mournful ditties and say funny things about geography and Ireland.