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On ``Kaxexe'' (``In Hiding''), he sings in Portuguese and French, and even English-only types will feel the mournfulness in the lush creations here.
A FTER eight days of heartache, the last thing Liverpool needed was more mournfulness in the shape of a match which gave the faithful the ultimate frustration: a 0-0 annihilation.
When Walkabout's journalists wrote about these places in the 1930s and 1940s, they did so with clear strains of mournfulness and regret.
Rooted in a sense of isolation and mournfulness without a speck of sentimentality, the work also acknowledges ordinary activities that include playing.
It is a mournfulness imposed by the listeners on a scream that has repeatedly emerged as vital.
Shrugging off a sense of mournfulness among his fans, Pacquiao gamely told reporters in Los Angeles: "We will celebrate my birthday despite my loss.
The melancholy that permeates Mircea Cantor's work here stems from a mournfulness specific to our epoch's need to capture every transaction, identity, and event in the sprawling prison of digital memory.
According to Dunbar, "negro dialect," with its "endearing words," contributed greatly to the "lyrical" effects (sentimentalism, mournfulness, charm) for which "negro songs" were noted, so that a variety of poetic types (love songs, lullabies, songs of home longing, martial narratives) all became "negro songs" when they were written in "negro dialect.
The landmarks of his Everyman's life become fleeting reminiscences, almost all shrouded in bleak and near-unremitting mournfulness.
Moving then to another cover, a slightly jazzy version of Hank Williams' ``Cold Cold Heart,'' she took the mournfulness out of the song and replaced it with earthy yearning.
In dances that spanned his glorious 1981 Gloria (Vivaldi) to last year's austere but powerful Sang-Froid (Chopin), Morris's dancers sang the music through their bodies, whether it was the mournfulness of Michelle Shocked, the intensity of Lou Harrison, or the effervescence of Jacques Ibert.
With deep mournfulness, he recites--he speaks really--Stevie's lethal master piece.