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Dual-sided mouse mat to display different faction choices
Now a website set up by protesters is selling made-to-order T-shirts, mouse mats and mugs emblazoned with the logo 'Hit It For Six - Just Say No
Besides enjoying light alerts triggered by in-game actions on an interactive gaming mouse, gamers can now add the gaming mouse mat that features a bio-luminescent tracking glow trail as they swipe their mouse across the smooth, hard surface.
And he took with him the Let's Go Green Together computer mouse mat and a pile of cups from the West Bromwich HQ of the organisation, which is responsible for the running of 30,0000 council homes in Sandwell.
The top 10 included one from a caller who wanted to know what kind of mouse mat was compatible with his computer.
Also showcasing at gamescom is the Razer Megasoma, a premium hybrid gaming mouse mat that combines all the best features of a hard and soft mouse mat into one.
Now your mum can see you when she's at work with this cute photo insert mouse mat.
We have five fantastic Eragon goody bags to give away, each containing a magnetic calendar, tattoo set, lanyard, book light, character watch, gift bag, cap, PC mouse and mouse mat and a polo shirt.
To mark the release of the hotly-anticipated new film we have two great sets to be won which includes a holographic hardbacked A4 notebook, holographic mouse mat, flashing mobile phone stickers which light up when your phone rings, a CD case, silicone watch and dog tags.
We can provide a special edition Sunday Mercury full colour front page complete with picture and words about dad for just pounds 10 We can also provide a great mouse mat with the front page image printed on it -or you can order both.
The mouse mat will also have helpline numbers for victims of hate crimes.

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