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has been designed and tested to greatly enhance sensor tracking performance when compared to other mouse mats or gaming surfaces currently available.
But the 53-year-old is making sure everyone knows where his loyalties lie - with Boro shirts, calendars, mouse mats, and car number plates.
Great stuff - but will it be enough to drag the mouse mat punters away from their little screens?
The latest development in the tyranny of private property is the evolution of the mouse mat into a mouse rug.
Also, users can upload their photos to the site and order prints or personalised gifts such as a mug, t-shirt, key-ring, mouse mat, bag or a calendar.
For your chance to win a CBSO mouse mat, just answer the following simple question: Who conducted the CBSO's first concert in 1920?
OB) announced today that following a request by the General Services Administration Center for Information Technology Accommodation (GSA, CITA) the company's Quill mouse, Nib software and Quill-Well mouse mat samples are now part of the Assistive Technology products that are displayed in the GSA, CITA Assistive Technology (AT) Showcase, in Washington DC.
We have three top prizes: A family ticket for four people, plus, a WWD pencil case, pencil, ruler and mouse mat.
With a highquality paint finish chrome alloy wheels and real rubber tyres, Motormouse offers a smooth ride and even comes with its own super-glide mouse mat and soft carrying pouch.
To mark the release, the Telegraph has teamed with Momentum Pictures, to offer a special prize pack of a T-shirt, a mouse mat, a pen, a silver wine stopper and a copy of the book.

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