move ahead

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At last, however, by dint of the unrestricted use of his spear point, the ape-man succeeded in forcing the lion to move ahead of him and eventually guided him into the passageway.
But the fact is that I have become a lightning rod for rumors, innuendo and now allegations by the Exchange that makes it difficult for Conversion to move ahead.
EADS was anticipating the possibility of such a move and is fully prepared to move ahead constructively.
Summary: Washington, April 17, 2010, SPA -- US President Barack Obama on Saturday accused Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, of waging a "cynical and deceptive" attack against a measure to tighten regulation of the nation&'s financial system, and vowed to move ahead on the bill with.
But the board majority wanted to move ahead with the plan, which has been hotly debated for more than a decade.
We felt that at this stage it was important to move ahead with the first tower and the retail and entertainment aspects, while at the same time giving ourselves the time needed to carefully evaluate these other major components," Cappelli said.
We will move ahead as quickly as possible with the cleanup by building the treatment plant," said Nancy Lindsay, Superfund enforcement branch chief for U.
Tejon Ranch Company (NYSE:TRC) is clear to move ahead with Tejon Industrial Complex - East following Kern County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Twisselman's ruling on Friday dismissing the last legal challenges to the expansion of the commercial/industrial business park community.
As they move ahead, it appears AVC will have to continue to rely on the previously mentioned factors.
We had it on the market for a while, but it can take a long time to sell a property this size with an ordinary listing," said elder Arnold Wright, who had been a bidder at land auctions and suggested an auction might be a way to sell more quickly and let the church move ahead with its plans.
Ventura County supervisors agreed Tuesday to move ahead with plans to acquire bankrupt Santa Paula Memorial Hospital and operate it as part of the Ventura County Medical Center.
We reasoned that we had to move ahead with something that would work, and by that I mean work for the state of Nevada, our customers and our company to meet the needs of all of Nevada in a way that is acceptable," Higgins said.