move backward

See: regress
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Having expressed himself thus confidently, he reined his horse backward down the slope which he had ascended, and compelled him in the same manner to move backward through the lists, till he reached the northern extremity, where he remained stationary, in expectation of his antagonist.
When the skater throws the ball, that pushing action will make her move backward.
The current design can't move backward," said Alameri.
Lawmakers can't change the rules and then move backward and enforce the new law.
But we said that the size of compensations do not meet the results, bonuses and results of the work of the company mismatch, they move backward, i.
If the acceptance date to move backward, the delivery of the hardware itself may move to the same number of days as the decrease.
Lebanon declares today that it is on the track of oil and gas and there is no move backward, neither halting nor dreaming, for the dream has become true, " he said.
Europe can either move forward, towards deeper integration, or it can move backward, towards national sovereignty.
The age-old proposal to lop some zeroes off the rial to make the currency more manageable continued to move backward this week as the Central Bank governor said the plan would probably take until February 2015 to implement, two years longer than the governor said last year.
He added in a statement to TAP news agency, that "the Tunisian people have freely chosen their representatives in the National Constituent Assembly," specifying that the democratic process that has been launched in the country could not move backward.
If the DPP returns to power next year, I assure you that cross-strait relations will move backward,'' he said.
The residents of this city have taken a decision not to move backward and to reject harming civil peace," said Hariri.