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Joaquin--now a category-1 hurricane located about 375 kilometers east-northeast of the central Bahamas with maximum sustained winds of 125 kilometers per hour (kph), is expected to move near or over parts of the central Bahamas on Wednesday night and Thursday, the NHC said.
The center of Erika was on track to move over the Dominican Republic Friday, move near the Turks and Caicos Islands Friday night, and move near the central and northwestern Bahamas Saturday and Saturday night, the NHC said.
I left Liverpool in 1971 to move near Manchester (a place called Dukinfield
It should see the band move near or into the top 10 bands in the country.
Stephanie Phoenix, 21, who waived her right to anonymity, hit out at the decision to allow the convicted pervert to move near her house.
My siblings and I have been trying to convince Dad to move near one of us so we can care for him, but he refuses.
Their endeavour brought a try at last when Leota finished off a neat move near the Quins posts.
According to details, only those individuals who have special cards were allowed to move near Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.
Hence, Rajini's decision to move near an ashram for peace and quiet doesn't come as a surprise.
Why are people who are being paid such a vast sum of money already not being told that if you want to work for the BBC, you have to move near your place of work?
Some of the previous enhancements included early adoption of the use of Google Street view for home shoppers, links to transit stops for home buyers looking to move near bus lines and a quick link to the Linda Craft & Team social media effort via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.
On the forecast track, the core of Irene was expected to impact Turks & Caicos during the night and then move near or over the southeastern and central Bahamas late Tuesday night and into Wednesday, before moving near or over the northwestern Bahamas on Thursday.