move out

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For example, the pattern of move outs and the co-op's responses to those vacancies reflected the decade's economic and political changes.
Discusses standard lease agreements and other important related documents (applications, move in forms, and move out notifications)
There's some big tenant lease expirations and some announced tenant move outs but to me mat's the ebb and flow of real estate," Persichetti told Real Estate Weekly.
Net operating income has been improving, driven by decreasing new tenant rental concessions, fewer tenant move outs and control of expenses.
5% in fiscal 2010 as the number of move outs jumped to 65 in 2011 from 48 in the prior year.
Founded in 1996, Fireline provides catastrophic storm response, water mitigation, drying, mold remediation, water, fire and wind restoration, and move outs and contents restoration, for commercial, industrial and residential properties.
Each year, gas utilities dispatch thousands of orders to shut off residential service for safety, move outs or lack of payment.