movement forward

See: progress
References in classic literature ?
Her walk was not that hybrid and uncertain gliding affected by some women, but a frank, strong, healthy movement forward.
handles / grips (at least for movement forward and backward)); Best flow of traffic brought in operating rooms and patient = then part 2 pieces of interchangeable plates and a charging device (for each operating table)
The sooner Pakistan realize, it the earlier there will be a movement forward in Indo-Pakistan relations.
CUNA and CU Solutions Group are both committed to offering products and services that strengthen credit unions and push the movement forward.
It will also help us understand customer experience with the new technology, with trailblazers who want to drive the hydrogen movement forward
Consett's new academy/leisure centre, recently opened, indicates the town's movement forward 35 years after the closure of its steelworks.
I decided Startup Junkie Consulting could do more to propel the startup/venture movement forward if I was dedicated to it full time.
We are pleased to announce another quantum movement forward in providing our clients with increased insight and control of their entire IT infrastructure.
In the wake of a rash of recent police shootings of unarmed Black men across the country, young activists such as Burns said that a new generation is now charged with pushing the movement forward.
It is noted that all the money raised at the Garage Sale will be donated to the Movement Forward resource center to support children with special needs.
What is important to keep in mind is that we've had sustainable movement forward throughout the past 12-plus months".
But in Bali, diplomats felt people at large must see some movement forward and low-hanging fruits should be tapped.

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