movement of population

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Even though permanent transit points have been set up at strategic routes, the movement of population at such a scale poses a set of unique challenges, he added.
But a European Commission spokeswoman said free movement of population was a basic EU principle.
The statistics attributed the increase in the movement of population during the daytime to two main reasons.
Can we grab this opportunity to reverse the movement of population to areas in the South and out of the misery that thousands face now and secure a better economic future for our area and future generations?
Sources of data for mechanical movement of population (migration) are the application for migration, discharge papers of people who fill in the relevant technical services of the Ministry of Interior.
Trade and movement of population would be free within each group, but require tariffs, passports and visas between them.
Another long-term trend--the movement of population from the Northeast and Midwest to the South and West--remained very much in evidence during the 2000-2010 decade.
The continued after-effects of de-industrialization, older populations, less educated workforces, and the broader trend movement of population to the South have been associated with low population growth in such metropolitan areas.
The major factors that hamper successful control of circulation of WPV, he said are poor supervision at grass roots level, lack of active and sustained support of line departments at District and Agency level, frequent movement of population between FATA and settled districts, inaccessibility of children in areas of active conflict, lack of accountability of those responsible for the implementation of PEI, lack of awareness of the people on the importance of the immunization.
Of course, it is not always as easy as that - urban areas where there was a large movement of population pose particular problems for the researcher.
Our team on the ground could still here fighting there and didn't notice any significant movement of population out of the conflict area," she said from Colombo, the capital.
He suggested, for instance, systems may not have accounted fully for the big movement of population in the United States to the coastlines in recent years or the increased value of home contents.

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