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Jack Daniel's re- mained one of dozens of nondescript US regional brands - all much of a muchness.
He said: "Whether it's Rangers or Hibs, it's much of a muchness from the financial side of it.
Everybody else is much of a muchness, all scrabbling about to try and get a half-decent squad.
I said to them before the game that if we applied ourselves then it would be one of those games - that in the middle thirds it would be much of a muchness.
I'm told the Premiership is much of a muchness this season and, if we were already there, I think we would be among the muchness," added Greaves.
There's a much of a muchness about the sides this time around.
I genuinely feel it would be much of a muchness to our strongest squads as things stand, so I wouldn't be in favour of it.
That's better, reassuring since oil refineries are much of a muchness.
THE Championship was much of a pretty dull and poor muchness last season - but it could be a tougher and, hopefully, a more entertaining division this time around.
The third home from that Newmarket maiden went on to win a race and, while the rest were much of a muchness, Respite's breeding suggests she will improve over time.
On paper the Charlton game looked easier, but in this league everybody is much of a muchness.
The sprinters are much of a muchness as a group at present but it was impossible not to be impressed by the manner in which the selection picked up late to finish an encouraging sixth last month.