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ormalities may drop a bit, but not to the extent that you can muck around where you might with your friends on a Saturday night," Fletcher said.
But I''m the type of bloke who likes to have a joke and muck around.
If I could, I'd eat them at every meal" Michelle Obama, wife of the US president, who has to forgo her favourite items in her fitness regime "You muck around with a constitution at your peril" Lord Neuberger, a former Law Lord who described the creation of a Supreme Court for the UK as "frivolous" "With so many amazing women around it's a great comfort to know I'm the best.
I've still got the same attitude, I just like to muck around and zoom about the place.
A few of us muck around with doing it in the nets, and Symo Andrew Symonds sort of uses the back of the bat when he plays his.