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We want to give local young Bengali people the encouragement that they've never had because they were not expected to achieve more than two GCSE's in their school-leaving exams, or to do anything but muck around.
She quickly dismisses the idea that she will muck around in Kirk Peterson's artistic domain.
Through cracked pipes that transport the muck around the plant; wet or poorly cleaned work or storage areas; visitors tracking it into the plant on shoes and clothing; sloppy handling; contaminated trucks; even flies, birds, and rodents.
I can't see why they (the government) would want to muck around with it," he said.
Speaking after signing a new one-year deal to stay at Hibs, he said: "It's one of my past times, I muck around to switch off and I came up with a little rhythm and then came up with a chorus and I built a song.
If you want to muck around with 'hippy crack', laughing gas or helium balloons, you've got 50 years to play with them after your career is over.
Madonna, who is married to director Guy Ritchie, said: "I'm happy to muck around in a pair of a drawstring pants and wellies but my daughter gets angry because I go to school wearing my tracksuit.