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By day, Siem Reap is somehow even less beguiling, with the muckiest river this side of the Humber meandering through the deserted streets of town - anyone with any sense is out sightseeing at Angkor.
Muckiest gob award goes to red carded Levante co-gaffer Bernd Schuster after Barcelona had beaten his side 2-1 with a last-minute goal.
THE search is on for the Midland's muckiest toddler -and you could win a fantastic digital camera.
Clare Thomas, of Eversheds, got more out of the day than she bargained for when she won The Muckiest Clothing award.
Whatever you call this Jolly Green Giant, it can crawl over trees and brush and ford the muckiest swamps.
More than 2000 kids scramble through an obstacles (OB-stuhkul) course over some of the muddiest, muckiest puddles around.
Jasper Johns' and Robert Rauschenberg's muckiest creations scream Photoshop software; Warhol is a pure endorsement of the color laser printer, 25 years in advance.
pounds BRITS are some of the muckiest motorists around, says comparison site Confused.
I didn't complain when, standing in the rain every Saturday during the wettest, muckiest football season in history cost me more Daz than Danny Baker could shift in a lifetime.