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Mondays will be bath night as each week kicks off with getting messy and mucky outdoors.
In this feasibility assessment the final hurdles will be taken towards an Europe wide market introduction supported by convincing demonstrations of the Mucky installation at 10 representative locations.
All of the owners brought their dogs in for grooming before the event, some had their fur dyed, while others bought new doggy outfits," said Mrs Couch, who owns two branches of Mucky Pups in Cardiff and Chepstow, and has also opened Wales' first Doggy Deli and Barkery in the Cardiff store.
That's the tagline of our Mucky Paws grooming salons, and is how I feel about my very own fur baby, Lucy.
Ironically Reggie is something of a mucky pup himself, but as the first try at giving him a bath nearly led to a human losing an eye, no subsequent attempts have been made.
Thanks goodness there are still kind-hearted locals around to chip in and tidy up the mucky, mucky banks.
But that doesn't invite the mucky problem you might expect: The dry streambed allows water to percolate into the soil, as do adjacent paths covered with bark.
25pm Combine the oldest profession in the world, the mucky underbelly of society and a cast including Matthew Lillard, Efren Ramirez and Tom Arnold, and what do you get?
Hanagan said: "It took a bit of getting today, it's sticky, mucky ground and it's a long way home up that hill.
He's one with celebrity status and one who can count Jamie Oliver among his friends - apparently there is more to farming than getting mucky with pigs after all.
If there is any suggestion that he has weepy eyes or a mucky bum, get his teeth checked out.
Since oil floats on water, a mucky layer of oil forms on top of your beautiful, pure effervescence.