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Would their kicking, so crucial to turning the opposition, be so long and precise, or their catching be so secure, with the larger, heavier, muddier leather ball of a century ago?
That is where the confusion happens and the picture gets muddier for many analysts to get a clear understanding of developments.
The roads turned muddier after yesterday's rains, making it difficult for the movement of heavy vehicles which come for delivering goods to a number of foodstuff warehouses.
It tends to be a bit muddier as well, which improves the grip especially on the second pass.
It did strike me that Cleethorpes had rather more going for it than our own similarly-sized Whitley Bay, despite its beach being rather muddier.
We had a terrific day whereby the muddier we got the more fun we were having.
In the second chapter, seventy-three smaller, muddier, more nocturnal prints--nestled inside a single frame that wrapped around three walls in the gallery--followed more closely in the footsteps of Flaubert and Du Camp.
But suppose that same player has $1,200 in chips; then the decision gets significantly muddier.
With the course's rare permanence comes bigger obstacles, muddier challenges, steeper mountains and deeper waters.
Making matters even muddier is that Perry seemed to suggest Saturday - a day after he was indicted - that he did publicly tie the veto threat to Lehmberg's resignation before pulling the trigger on it.
The presence of Rod Stewart baffled me, as usual - his Scottish roots are muddier than my own.
Their glass enclosure replicates their natural habitat in Queensland, except the water there was muddier.