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IP ownership, which was very clear in the days of the standalone research lab such as Xerox PARC, is much muddier today.
Making matters even muddier is that Perry seemed to suggest Saturday - a day after he was indicted - that he did publicly tie the veto threat to Lehmberg's resignation before pulling the trigger on it.
The presence of Rod Stewart baffled me, as usual - his Scottish roots are muddier than my own.
Their glass enclosure replicates their natural habitat in Queensland, except the water there was muddier.
With more than 60 events across seven countries globally, Tough Mudder will be bigger, better and muddier in 2014, reaching more fans than ever before.
Affirmative action to achieve a desired racial or demographic mix on college campuses is still allowed - though the waters are muddier than they were before.
The paths, after all of the recent rain, started to get muddier, people fewer.
Leadership has many definitions, but in my opinion its simple: Get your hands dirtier and muddier than your team, and expect them to do the same.
The waters become muddier when state labor laws are put into the mix.
The water gets muddier if your relationship with your client is strictly as a broker.
Bonset, Theo van Doesburg's Dada alter ego and muddier of the waters of art-historical categories, who figured in the 2006 Dada show, has definitely left the building.
You may find that the $100-a-year offer makes the Office value proposition even muddier than it was before -- but you'll find the 2013 programs themselves to be speedy, attractive and very polished.