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She meant to use the cumbrous machine to pick out this, that, and the other interesting person from the muddle of the world, and to set them for a week in a pattern which must catch the eyes of Cabinet Ministers, and the eyes once caught, the old arguments were to be delivered with unexampled originality.
You'll never do it if you muddle yourself up with that stuff.
We did not know the situation, and we had bought Berande, and there was nothing to do but hang on and muddle through somehow.
I 'm sure I want to do my duty, but it 's such a muddle, I don't know how," said Belle.
Since I got your phone I've been in a regular muddle, believe ME.
This girl is grieved at my habit of living almost in the garden, and all her ideas as to the sort of life a respectable German lady should lead have got into a sad muddle since she came to me.
Everything else in the station was in a muddle,-- heads, things, buildings.
A quarrelsome band of footsore sulky niggers trod on the heels of the donkeys; a lot of tents, camp-stools, tin boxes, white cases, brown bales would be shot down in the courtyard, and the air of mystery would deepen a little over the muddle of the station.
So I say, but Helen, who will muddle things, says no, it's like music.
They are also not pure enough for me: they all muddle their water that it may seem deep.
You tell Matvey to do what can't be done, and go away yourself, leaving him to make a muddle of everything," and her habitual, mocking smile curved the corners of Dolly's lips as she spoke.
I come to the muddle many times and agen, and I never get beyond it.