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However, I wonder if he has seen how muddleheaded his logic is and how disconnected he is about today's church at the parish level about gays.
To speak seriously of the sanctity of life; of humans, nature, or the natural order as being sacred or of why we ought not to "play God," is to risk appearing muddleheaded and deeply conservative.
Mo Yan's narrative exposes the muddleheaded "self-restriction" of official narrative as he presents a biting imitation of the novelist's nonstop attempts to overstep literary boundaries.
Ari Armstrong, a researcher with the Golden, Colorado--based Independence Institute, has faulted Colorado's school board for approving ambiguous and muddleheaded math materials and tests.
Military bigwigs will of course try to wring as much mileage out of this muddleheaded cleric as possible.
This is the point of their pedantic, muddleheaded fictions.
Such muddleheaded reasoning does a disservice to all who believe in and support a participatory democracy, and to the informed electorate needed to sustain it.
The central message - attacking Labour for its record rather than focusing on the Conservatives and Lib Dems - was seen as muddleheaded and, while she was not solely responsible, does raise questions about Ms Jones' political antennae.