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Lockwood: Black Buzzer, Cat's Whisker, Blobs, White Zonker, Muddlers, small nymphs, black #16 to #18 dry flies.
Bernard Stephens paid two visits for a total of 10 fish while Colin Jones and Cardiff angler Dave Howells both caught five to 2lb on buzzers, nymphs and muddlers.
A bar is incomplete without a cocktail bar set that comprises of a Boston shaker, bar spoons, a muddler, a strainer, and a pour spout.
Plentiful stocks of mint, lemons and oranges are the norm in Mediterranean households, and while mojitos call for a muddler, the tool can be substituted with the more common pestle and mortar, he adds.
With Mojito season in full swing, a muddler is another must-have.
In the swamp below the bridge, I cast a Muddler Minnow
The world of Woolly Buggers, Muddler Minnows and Royal Coachmen no longer absorbs me like once it did.
Arrange bowls of cut-up citrus and other winter favorites, such as cranberries, accompanied by Agua Luca, sugar, a bucket of ice and the necessary tools (a muddler and a shaker).
This week, the FFF's Oregon chapter will tip its hat to the muddler minnow, to the Grande Ronde and to Nelson and other founding fathers at the 20th anniversary Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo.