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It's deeply disappointing he got beaten but I think it was the muddling pace as much as anything that accounted for his defeat.
Perhaps another reason that muddling is becoming so popular is that it broadens the bartender's choice of ingredients--all sorts of berries, herbs, and fruits can be used in muddled drinks, and there's no need to make, say, a pint of fresh blueberry juice prior to opening the doors, and having to toss half of it down the sink at closing time.
Also, I think we may be muddling towards a less coercive, more decentralized future largely because of the collaborative skills and gift economy sensibilities that we are developing online through the open source movement, file sharing, and the like.
In a variety of books and articles, both published and in process, I've been out pushing the idea of the "economics of muddling through" as the description of the approach to policy that will become standard in economics over the next 20 or 30 years.
Like the comic book ``Watchmen'' smushed into the film ``Who Framed Roger Rabbit,'' the series imagines cartoon characters as real entities, muddling through a most peculiar universe.
2Raspberry Rickey A long, fresh summer drink made by putting eight raspberries in a highball glass (long and thin) and muddling them.
Adams tells the story of the depots, their emergence as a temporary institution to supplement the hospital and the prison, their growth and tendency to become "permanent" as administrators began arresting domiciled beggars as well as vagrants in an effort to discipline the workforce, their partial suppression at the behest of provincial estates, "provincially-minded" administrators, and those seeking economies in the crisis of the 1770s, and their muddling on into the French Revolution.
Muddling matters, 40% held the view that their risk remained the same, and 16% were 'not sure.